Strategic Investment

Our investment arm makes strategic investments in companies that are developing disruptive, cutting edge technologies and products important to us. Since 2010, we have invested heavily in startup companies. These emerging innovations have the potential to become the next big thing.

The ODPN Group is committed to the next big idea.

Strategic Investments

The ODPN Group provides partner companies with access to our world-class production talent, state-of-the-art equipment, and the company’s international business relationships and supply chain.

Areas of interest include:

Clean Technology                                                                                  Booze
Cyber Security                                                                                        Social Network Game Development
Big Data & Analytics                                                                            Corporate Wellness
Emerging Trends                                                                                    NextGen Electronics
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning                        Space Shit
Virtual Reality                                                                                         E-Commerce
Energy and Power Systems                                                             Packaged Goods

Some of Our Partners

Fit Plan

Fitplan is the dynamic mobile app empowering our community to become their best selves. We are fuelled by passion for helping others to realize their goals and making wild fitness ambitions accessible. Fitplan has partnered with world class athletes who have reached their peak, and we’ve created a way for them to share their exact workout methods. Through our content, users get the unique experience of training alongside their ideal physique of choice – making for a healthier, fitter future.


We’ve built a platform for the modern investor. Multiple tools, one medium, delivered to a broader audience. VRify eliminates the daunting complexity surrounding investing. Never before has it been so easy to follow, learn and engage with public companies. With more sites and projects becoming VRified, a virtual tour of a remote asset is in the palm of your hand.


We help students sell stuff they don’t want and get deals on stuff they do. Foro is a new way for students to buy and sell between one another. Avoid the scammers and spammers on those classifieds sites and deal locally with classmates you can trust.

Isodiol International Inc

Isodiol’s Hemp-Derived Pure CBD Products Provide The Best Option For Those Who Seek A THC-FREE™, Safe, Sustainable And Non-Psychoactive Source Of CBD. Isodiol also offers a growing line of retail CBD products to suit customer lifestyles and preferences. These end consumer products are also available to our White Label customers. No need to research and develop your own products, Isodiol has done the work for you!

Head of Investments
Martin Fisher
o: 604 569 3789

500 - 68 Water Street
Vancouver, BC
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